Houston Jib Crane

ML Deer Construction specializes in Houston jib crane installation. ML Deer’s talented design build engineering team can help select and install the perfect crane for your Houston commercial construction project. Read on to find out more about jib cranes or call ML Deer today for a free quote on a jib crane installation at 713- 681-1100.

What is a Jib Crane?

A jib crane is a crane that has a horizontal member, supporting a moveable hoist that is fixed to a wall or supported by a floor-mounted pillar. Jib cranes can swing through an arc or be fixed and can provide up to 360 degrees of boom rotation. Jib cranes are often used in individual workstations and in simple loading/unloading where spotting a load precisely is not needed.
Jib Cranes:

  • Take the form of baseplate, pipe, wall or column mounted systems.
  • Can be used for precise spotting for light-weight loads.
  • Are more simple and less expensive than bridge and gantry cranes.
  • Come as complete units or money-saving kits.
  • Can be rotated by motorized system or manually.
  • Have degrees either 180 degrees or 360 degress of rotation.
  • Can lift up to 10 tons of weight.

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